A love of artistry, nourishment, celebrations, and a lifelong passion.


The love of artistry by way of nourishment around celebrations has been a lifelong passion.

As a young adult I spent much of my time in warm kitchens working at various bakeries around Lake Washington and later Brooklyn, NY while getting a graduate degree in Industrial Design.

In eventually returning to Seattle, Flying Apron Bakery was founded with my father William Dowd.  After nine years and the arrival of my daughter Lilly, I sold the bakery and began writing cookbooks with Sasquatch Publishing.

Not owning a brick-and-mortar shop helped make it possible in 2014 for my husband Joseph, daughter Lilly and I to move to the sea-side village of Langley on Whidbey Island in search of a simpler life.

Here on Whidbey astounded by the beauty in nature came the the idea and thrill of decorating cakes with fresh flowers of the region. It has been a great experience working with local floral designers such as Melissa Brown owner of Flying Bear Farm, Tobey Nelson floral designer and wedding planner, and Britt Conn floral designer and grower owner of Full Cycle Farm, who have taken the artistry of the cake decoration to a new level.

While Flying Apron Bakery was driven by a commitment to gluten-free and vegan ingredients, what I am most inspired by, here on Whidbey, in this chapter of my life, is a reverence for our local farmers in the northwest and the magnificent abundance in this region.


Flying Flower specialty cakes, and wedding cakes are uniquely tailored to
match your special occasion and commitment. 

Piece by piece, each ingredient is sourced from small artisan producers
and local farmers, culminating in a precious dessert that has been crafted in
sweet purposefulness every step of the way.