The Flying Flower ceremony and wedding cake menu, is a celebration of the Pacific Northwest and its abundance of vibrant local producers.

Local & Sustainable

We Care About Our Ingredients

Each classic cake is made with:

  • Eggs from happy, free roaming, foraging Whidbey Island hens
  • Freshly milled wheat flour from Blue Bird Farms just across the north cascades in the Methow Valley
  • Butter from 100% grass fed cows at Pure Eire in Othello Washington
  • Whidbey Island grown fruits, honeys, and liquors

When an ingredient such as almonds, cane sugar, vanilla, olive oil or lemons cannot be sourced locally my guiding principles lead me to artisan, organic and fair-trade suppliers.

Each cake is frosted with Italian Buttercream.  I find this particular frosting to be superior in flavor and composition as it is not overly toothsome and melts in the mouth.  It is also a very attractive frosting that lends a sophisticated look with a variety of finishes, whether spread cleanly, with geometric or petal like texture, or even piped.

Seasonal Gallettes


Seasonal gallettes are beautiful with a rustic
elegance.  The pastry consists of award
winning olive oil and blue bird freshly milled flour.  They also happen to be dairy free and egg free (vegan).

Seasonal fruit options include strawberries, blueberries, loganberries, blackberries, raspberries, plums, apricots, figs, apples, pears and cranberries.  The pastry is rolled thin, our own apricot preserves are spread over the dough, and lightly sweetened and spiced fruits are carefully arranged in concentric circles. 

The perimeter of pastry is folded up around the edges to reveal the beautifully arranged centers before baking into a crisp and tempting dessert.

Polenta Torte


The Italian polenta almond rosemary tortes are moist, dense, decadent and bright.  These sweet attractive little cakes are finished with a lemon glaze that has been steeping with rosemary.  It so happens this traditional Italian dessert is gluten free.

Fig Chocolate Mousses


Chocolate espresso whiskey mousses are simply divinely rich and deep in chocolatey flavor!  

They are served is spectacular edible chocolate tulip shaped cups and are gluten free.  

The filling is made with 100% grass fed local cream from Pure Eire farm and Theo’s chocolate, espresso from Mukilteo Coffee Roasters on Whidbey Island and locally made whiskey from Whidbey Island Bitters.  

The filling can be made vegan with coconut cream.